Below is the final vote count from the election held on August 2, 2016  to Amend the Declarations. 

We all congratulate the effort put in by all the Associations, Independent Homeowners and many others.  We can't say enough of all the hard work, effort, time and dedication it took for everyone to get the vote out.  What a great job! When we see a passage rate from 82% to 96% it is just phenomenal!  The Declaration Documents can be found under Community Information/Forms-Documents/Section 22 Legal Documents/Amended Declaration.


Multi Family Homes            2/3 Needed: 646    Yes:   739     No:     28

    Total Votes Cast: 767    Yes:  96%     No:    4%
The Keel Club:            2/3 Needed:  32    Yes:   32     No:     6

   Total Votes Cast: 38    Yes:  84%

    No:    16%

Tract C and Other:            2/3 Needed:  488    Yes:  496    No:    112

   Total Votes Cast: 608    Yes: 82%   No:  18%

If you have any questions, you can do several things. Call our #844-427-6868. Leave your name, phone number, and your question or request. We will get back to you! 

On Behalf of the entire Board of Section 22, We Thank You!

The Original Documents pertaining to the Vote are listed below for your reference:

FIRST vote information        8-2-16

PGI Section 22 Homeowners Association

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