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Burnt Store Road Gatehouse
Phone: 941-639-8226
Fax: 941-639-0333

Matecumbe Key Road Gatehouse
Phone: 941-639-1038

Phone: 941-639-0334
Note: In case of Emergency, call 911, identify yourself as Lee County, then call the front gate.

Section 22 contracts for our access control services. These services are paid for with residents' assessments. The current contract is with Securitas. All access control officers have State of Florida Security Licenses.. The access control officers man the gatehouse and rove the community in a patrol vehicle. A Securitas Site Manager is on duty daily Monday through Friday to assist residents and to oversee the performance of personnel.

Residents are issued barcodes for their vehicles. Marina slip holders and employees within Burnt Store Marina are issued window stickers for express entry through the front gate in the visitor's lane. Bar codes are issued by the Site Supervisor on Tuesdays from 1 PM - 3 PM and Thursdays from 9 AM - 11 AM. Applications are available on line or can be picked up at the guard house.

The front gate on Burnt Store Road is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The front gate is for residents, guests, and employees. Services and commercial traffic should use the Matecumbe Key Road commercial gate. Trucks will not be allowed in the front gate and must use the commercial gate at Vincent Avenue and Matecumbe Key Road. The front gate should always be used in an emergency.

The Cape Cole gate is a resident gate for cars only and works with bar codes in BOTH directions. Absolutely no trucks or trailers are allowed through this gate. Every effort is made to keep the gates in working order but breakdowns do occur. Please report any gate problems or issues of vandalism to Alliant Property at 239-454-1101. Cases of vandalism and damage to security equipment may result in prosecution.

Gate keeper is the computer based control system to permit designated visitors, guests and service personnel to visit your residence. The number for Gate Keeper is 639-0334. This is an automated number where you can provide the names and times that you are authorizing entrance for persons or services not on your Permanent Guest list. If persons seeking entrance are not on the automated list, or the Permanent Guest list, your residence will be called to authorize entry. If you rent, lease or loan your property, to help us properly manage your renters' entry, complete the  Renters Gate Access Form and submit it to the gatehouse or by FAX at 941-639-0333 or email it to This will allow the renter to be entered into the Gate Keeper so that when they arrive they are already in the system and can be granted access to Burnt Store Marina. It also makes it easier for their guests to gain entry.

More information on Gate keeper, Bar Codes, Emergency Power Outage and Hurricane Disaster post Orders, and Safe and Courteous Use of Burnt Store Streets and Bike paths is in the Community Access Committee Documents.

Access Control

NOTICE:  All Marina traffic will gain quicker access by using the Commercial Gate off of Vincent Avenue.  The Marina and Community Access Control have requested this route be taken.

PGI Section 22 Homeowners Association


Accessing our community